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We are not accepting surrender applications

Due to the overwhelming number of owners requesting surrender or rehoming of their pets HHSR no longer accepts surrender applications. The dog rescue industry is overburdened with untold numbers of dogs being surrendered. What exacerbates this problem is owners who can't find a rescue to take their unwanted pets have the tendency to abandon the pet. Then when good hearted people find the pet they of course want to bring it to a shelter or rescue.


Abandoning your pet is against the law. Shelters and rescues are doing all they can to remedy the problem but all they can do is not enough to stem the flow of pets into shelters and rescues. More people are stepping up and starting their own rescues only to be inundated with populations that exceed their capacity and soon find themselves in the very same problem as all the other rescues. 

This problem can only be solved by the community figuring out how to deal with issues their pets have either by training or other behavioral adjustments and keep their pets so that the rescue community can recover. Shelters for the most part maintain a certain population by euthanasia a practice although abhorrent becomes a necessary part of their operation. They go to great lengths to foster, adopt, or rehome to rescues as many dogs as possible but due to the number of pets being found or surrendered to date this problem is only growing.

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