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Adoption is a serious decision

Dog adoption especially through a rescue is the most rewarding event you could ever experience. The decision to adopt a rescued dog goes far into the efforts to find, protect, and heal the thousands of dogs that are surrendered or abandoned each year. The numbers are staggering to say the least. When you make the commitment to home a rescue you are not only helping the dog you adopt but you are furthering the cause of all rescue's; to save those that are abused or neglected. 

It is important however for you to take the time and think about the scope of dog ownership, what it entails and the amount of time you need to put into the relationship. Many people want a new puppy because they think they are cute but come to find that the puppy grows into an adult dog with all the behavioral quirks that are common in adult dogs. Maybe 1 in 1000 dogs turn out to be the perfect dog. Many due to prior treatment have behavioral issues that we try to mitigate through training, social interaction, and lots of love. 

Adopting a dog should be a choice one makes in a thoughtful way. The dog will become part of the family. Sharing the home as any other family member. Interacting with the family and bringing joy and happiness to everyone including themselves. That is all a dog wants. To be loved and cherished as a special addition to a family that they may live out their lives enjoying and being enjoyed.

Adoptable Dogs

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