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Meet the couple who started rescuing in 2016



Cyndi has had a love for dogs all of her life. From a small MinPin named Ripper to a Boxer named Sasha Cyndi has cared deeply for the treatment and love of dogs. She and her husband Mike started saving dogs and finding forever homes for them in the 20 teens and over the last 6 years they have found loving homes for hundreds of dogs. In 2016 together with Mike they founded Howling Hounds Sanctuary Rescue. Working from their home they have set up comfortable living conditions for many dogs and found loving forever homes for other dogs.


Mike retired in 2018 and began working with Cyndi to set up and operate the 501(c)3 full time. Like Cyndi Mike has had an affinity for dogs and cares for them dearly. He also wants to educate the public about dog ownership and how dogs as well as any pet are part of the family and not just an object to be discarded when they become inconvenient. Remodeling their home and property to accomodate dogs Mike has created a safe secure environment for the dogs to have shelter, room to run and play and the security of knowing the dogs will stay put until they are adopted or fostered.

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        Our growing family

The Sanctuary part of our rescue has had several additions. These dogs are senior, or have medical issues that prevent them from being adopted. Some may find a new home via the foster program but currently this program is on hold until we have our visitor center fully operational. I have added pictures of them below and will add bio's in the near future.













Our family is unique. A combination of misfits and forgottens, hell raisers and aggressors, but they are all our family and we love them. It is easy to look at the negative quirks of a pet and say I can't home this dog. At Howling Hounds we find that many dogs who are abandoned or surrendered suffer from some behavioral issue. 

King is a Staffordshire Pitbull, very loving and happy to be around Cyndi and I. But he doesn't like new people and is very hard to condition for new dogs. 

Caesar is a Lab Boxer Mix and is a solitary soul. He is aggressive to new people and doesn't get along with many other dogs. But he is very loving and playful. 












Bailey is Cyndi's favorite and she has the best qualities you would want in a dog, very loving and happy, reserved and gentle, Bailey is a great companion and gets along with everyone.

Coco came to us via a family we were babysitting for they had 2 dogs and Coco was one of them. One day she got out of the backyard and was running through the neighborhood when she allegedly chased some kids. The parents of the children complained to the county animal control and they wanted Coco to be surrendered to a shelter to await euthanization. We took Coco in and have worked with her aggression issues, she is a sweet loveable dog who gets grumpy on occasion.

Bella is another dog surrendered due to the owner not having enough time to take care of her. Bella was in a crate for 20 hours at a stretch and with only enough time out ot the crate to have a potty break. She is aggressive to other dogs who are vying for attention.

Daisy came to us from our friends who adopted her from a shelter. She has been returned to the shelter 3 times for aggressive behavior and the shelter said if they take her in 1 more time she would be put down. We have given her a home and continue to work with her on being nice to others.

BB is a spry little Chihuahua with a big heart and playful demeanor.  He does however suffer from an OCD when it comes to ownership of the item of his attention. This means that he will growl and bite anyone or thing that he believes is trying to take something from him. We are working to desensitize him from this behavior.






Sapphire was our first dog and she is the matriarch of the family at 12 years of age she has been a loving companion since she was a puppy. She is a pure blood Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

Sasha was our second dog and our first rescue. She was found by a mailman delivering the mail in northern Minnesota and brought to a shelter. We adopted her from the shelter and she was with us until her death in 2016. Although we could never confirm what had happened she was found by Cyndi one evening outside bleeding profusely. The Vet hospital tried to save her but there was too much damage to her lungs which had been puncture by a metal rod shoved through a fence. She was 5. She had a litter of puppies in 2014 and we still have some of them in our family. Caesar is one of them.

Zeus was our third dog adopted from a private couple. He is also Staffordshire Bull Terrier and is a very sweet dog. He loves to swim in the pool and if he had his way would stay there all day long.

Roxy was our grandson's dog and she too had a litter of puppies of which Bailey is one. After our grandson moved to Minnesota with his family we took in Roxy so that she wouldn't be forgotten. She is quiet and likes to nap during the day.

Han is our special child. He has a mood disorder which causes him to become very aggressive and not recognize even us. During these episodes he has to be avoided because he will attack if approached. Usually lasting only a few minutes it can be very scary for the uninitiated.

Zeus 2 is our most recent addition. He is a very gentle loving dog but he is totally blind and can get very aggressive when handled unexpectedly. He is prone to attacking other dogs when provoked. He has been diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer and not expected to live much longer. He is comfortable and pain free. Zeus passed away quietly with assistance on 04/22/21 at around 3:30 pm.





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