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SITE UPDATE 9/30/2023

Work is progressing with the web site even though not much is changing. Our dog groups are no longer puppies and with that need to be photographed which isn't as easy as you would think. But we are making head way. There are several groups of dogs that we will categorize and create pages for. Information about each dog will be highlighted by a pop-up when you hover over the picture of the dog. We currently have around 30 young dogs with a weight range of 25-45lbs. 20 small dogs of various ages with a weight range of 5-20lbs. Large dogs around 50-100lbs are few about 6. These large dogs are 5 years old or older. 

Our sanctuary population is around 60 with most being senior dogs or dogs with behavioral issues. These dogs can only be adopted or fostered to experienced owners who are willing to work with the dog and their issues.

Dogs of HHSR

Dogs come and go and they all are loved and cared for. Finding forever homes for these great doggies is our greatest pasttime. 

Great Dog Stories

We have many stories of our dogs. Mostly happy but their journey to our sanctuary sometimes was a hard one but always a happy ending.

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