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I sometimes yell at my dogs, when they pull things off of the counter, when they don't come in from the rain, when they eat dog poop. 

They typically respond with tails tucked and head down but as they approach me I always give them a pat on the head or an ear rub to let them know that I still love them. This is what they seek from us the assurance that we will always care for them even when they misbehave.

HHSR takes in abandoned dogs that for a multitude of unknown reasons their owners decided that they didn't love them anymore. These dogs don't understand why they find themselves alone and they behave differently than when they were in a home. While many figure out how to adapt some will not cope with the predicament they find themselves in and will diminish and possibly die.

HHSR has gone to all possible lengths to accommodate these dogs but we only have so much space and we are full.

Owners need to find a solution to undesired behaviors in there pets other than tossing them out at a glance. We as humans need to step up and find solutions instead of dumping our problems on others. It was you who decided to adopt or purchase the pet in the first place but now that its a burden you decide to toss them out like so much trash. Dogs are creatures of emotion, they long for a loving embrace, a soothing voice telling them that they are good. They let us know when they are hungry, when they need to go out for a potty break. They challenge us to play and compete for who can hold on to the toy the longest. Simple isn't it?

Take care of them for they are children in Gods eyes wanting only our love for it is that which gives them purpose. 

Dogs of HHSR

Dogs come and go and they all are loved and cared for. Finding forever homes for these great doggies is our greatest pasttime. 

Great Dog Stories

We have many stories of our dogs. Mostly happy but their journey to our sanctuary sometimes was a hard one but always a happy ending.

Adoptable dogs