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Fundraiser Summer

Starting in June HHSR will begin doing a driveway sale of items rangeing from DVD's to Tools, Coins to Home Furnishings. Dates will be given and items to be sold will be listed for each perticular date. Stay tuned for further updates.


SITE UPDATE 5/17/2024

After a great March for adoptions the month of April was a lot slower. We have increased our Foster program and have taken in another 10 dogs mostly littles. The summer months are approaching and with that the schedule for vaccinations are increasing. It is a complex dance of getting dogs into the vet that are compatible with each other. Littles are usually no problem but the Alpha's and the bigger dog groups can be a challenge. With our doggy records now restored thanks to the Rockwell Building Groups tireless help in getting data into a spreadsheet and scanning all documents into PDF files we now have the ability to coordinate vet visits with out having to go through so many hard copies. We are hoping May will be a breakout month like March but so far its looking more like April. I would like to thank all of the volunteers who do foster, grooming, taking photos of our pups and all the other stuff that goes on. If it weren't for all of you our job would be much harder.

Dogs of HHSR

Dogs come and go and they all are loved and cared for. Finding forever homes for these great doggies is our greatest pasttime. 

chi pup demo 6_edited.jpg
Great Dog Stories

We have many stories of our dogs. Mostly happy but their journey to our sanctuary sometimes was a hard one but always a happy ending.

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