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Struggling and have to Surrender your dog?



It is something very few people will undertake. Starting a dog rescue or cat rescue is by definition a undertaking of love for pets that goes beyond a total commitment. Even when donations are high and intake is low there is a drain on the emotional and physical being. Pets need attention, love, and care, in the past 4 months HHSR has vetted 78 dogs at a staggering cost of over $7000. Some would ask if it is worth it and the answer is of course it is. Pets are defenseless in the face of human discriminations. Surrenders, abandoners, abused and neglected they have no ability to change their predicament but can only hope for the intervention of a rescue. 

Rescues are not like shelters, often they are a caring human couple who takes it upon themselves to care for pets that would otherwise perish. They expend their own resources to fund the effort hoping that goodwill will carry them through the tough times. Rescues are exclusively "NO-KILL" unlike many shelters who process dogs and cats in an effort to assist the human domain in getting rid of unwanted pets. Shelters also are mostly funded by the local and state governments or are so large that they are recognized by large charities for funding. Most rescues are small and typically unnoticed. 

HHSR is relatively new to the rescue coalition. Established in January of 2020 we have placed over 100 dogs into loving homes, cared for twice that many and we still try to help those in need of assistance with their pets. We have committed to giving everything we have to saving lives, our beloved pets lives, and sometimes we are not successful. Human incompetence where it comes to pet care is the leading cause of premature deaths of dogs and cats. It is a staggering statistic one you won't find easily because humans choose to ignore that which they care little about. 

But there are people out there who care a great deal. Pet owners who donate to rescues and shelters, fosters who take in clients to alleviate the overcrowding that is so paralyzing to the efforts to save these pets. People who volunteer, employees of pet stores who set up adoption events, pet loving people in general. All give hope to rescues like HHSR with donations and assistance that keep us in the fight to save as many as possible. The fight will continue even in these economic times. 

Dogs of HHSR

Dogs come and go and they all are loved and cared for. Finding forever homes for these great doggies is our greatest pasttime. 

Great Dog Stories

We have many stories of our dogs. Mostly happy but their journey to our sanctuary sometimes was a hard one but always a happy ending.

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