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SITE UPDATE 8/26/2023

If you haven't noticed not much is happening on the website. The days albeit long are filled with more than we can possibly get done. I am doing some work but it is slow going. 

Our daily routine is typical for a rescue, dog rotation, cleaning, answering inquiries and assisting the public with dog issues whether it is surrenders, dogs found, or rescues from bad owners. The difference today is the rate at which we are getting requests. We use to get one or two requests per day but now we get at a minimum 6 to 10. The question that we all need to ask is WHY?

I don't know the answer, as much as the dogs don't understand why they are treated so badly. Something we humans tend to disregard when it comes to surrendering a pet.

Dogs of HHSR

Dogs come and go and they all are loved and cared for. Finding forever homes for these great doggies is our greatest pasttime. 

Great Dog Stories

We have many stories of our dogs. Mostly happy but their journey to our sanctuary sometimes was a hard one but always a happy ending.

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