This page is dedicated and provided too all those who love puppies and are looking to adopt one into their family. The puppies shown below are all adoptable. They are divided by litter and we try to identify the breed but without a DNA test there is no real way to be sure. The bully breeds are the most apparent but other mixed breeds are not so much. 

TERRIER BREEDS (Adoptable now)

SHEPARD BREEDS (Adoptable now)

BEAGLE BREEDS (Adoptable now)

These two puppies are runts and have issues with their hind legs

BULLY BREEDS (Adoptable now)

BULLY BREEDS (Adoptable now)

Bully Breeds (Adoptable now)

Boxer Breeds (Adoptable now)

Catahoula Leopard (Adoptable now)

Chihuahua Breed (Adoptable now)